Seven Years of Plenty Doodle Drawing

Posted: September 27, 2013 in Doodle Art
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I started off this doodle drawing with the dark circles. I knew I wanted them to be the base. Even so, I always have to remind myself to go dark! I think the inner child is hearing, “Stop wasting all that marker!” even though I never heard that once as a child. Haha

Anyway, I started the doodle with the dark circles and went from there. The background circles were purposely sketchy and uneven (for all of you out there who are always saying, “My hand is not steady enough.”)


Do you have a lot of black space in your drawings?

  1. I like this, kind of simple but nice. Thank you for acknowledging that I never stifled your artistic qualities but you had to get the shaky hands in there, didn’t you.

  2. Heidi Denney says:

    Hahaha You’re not the only one who has used shaky hands as an excuse to not show their drawings. 🙂

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