Just for fun… check out this article I found: What Your Doodles Really Say About You It’s an interesting article not only because it’s about doodling but because it connects your innermost thoughts to it. And I love psychology! Whether you take these interpretations seriously or not, I think you’ll find it entertaining… like taking those magazine quizzes to see how cool you are. 😉

In the spirit of “most commonly drawn” items… here’s one of my florals (and yes, I am an amiable family-centered person.)

Doodle art floral drawing with a sharpie pen

Now go read the article. Then tell me what you find you draw most often and if the article accurate.

  1. Really. I will look at that but in the meantime, nice doodle, like the flow.

  2. Well, I read it. I’m somewhere between a person with an obsessive nature and energetic thinking and a desire to get on with things. Interesting.

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