Guest Doodler – Tanya

Posted: October 9, 2013 in Guest Doodler
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I just love having guest doodlers on my blog so I can share other styles with you. Tanya, my sister, just recently started doodling and, as always happens fairly early on, she’s developed a style that’s so “her.” Do you have a favorite? I do!

Artwork in this post is © Tanya L




  1. Connie D. says:

    Okay, no fair Tanya. How on earth do you guys do this? They are soooo good.

    • Heidi Denney says:

      It just takes sticking with it through a few drawings. Browse the Internet – especially Pinterest – for inspiration. And by the way…YOU drawing amazingly! The next time I’m over, I’m going to photograph yours to put on my blog. You better get drawing!

  2. iwapaho says:

    I have seen all of Tanya’s Doodles and they amaze me just as her sister’s (Heidi) do. Very talented young ladies. Keep up the good work Tanya.

  3. Josie says:

    Is this what’s called ZenDoodle?

    Heidi, I LOVE your cellphone cases…unfortunately, I don’t have the right phone to use them.
    And Tanya, you never cease to amaze me with your creative ability….beautiful work! 🙂

    • Heidi Denney says:

      Some people call it zentangle, Josie. Actually there’s some heated debate about using the trademarked term zentangle in the same sentence as doodle art. (Uh oh! There I go.) For me, it’s just doodling. Anyway, words shmords. 🙂
      The site where I list my doodles is limited with their phone covers but I can really get pretty much anything. If you want something, let me know and I’ll get you a quote. 🙂

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