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I had no plan when I started drawing this doodle. It began with the big shape in the middle that ended up looking very much like a guitar. And as I added around it, I started feeling like it was very dream-like.

Then it hit me to add some scripty text, which I realized needed to actually say something fitting. I’ve had this poem sitting around for a few months entitled Insomnia. It felt right. So there it is. It’s actually there twice. Cause it’s short. Cause that’s how I write.


While being stuffed endlessly with breakfast food at dad’s house, I drew this doodle art with sharpie pens. I tried using my new white pen but it was icky. I want solid white but this was very watery white which sort of soaked into the black area and disappeared. Stupid white pen.


Thanks for the yummy breakfast, dad!

I love, love, love my new drawing pad! Here’s the first drawing in it, square crop and oh so smooth paper. I’m happy as a honey bee. (Are they really that happy with all that work to do? If they’re like me then, sadly, yes.)

Now you draw something that breaks the “norm.” You can draw flowers as squares and clouds as metal plates. Whatever you want. No rules.

Drawing Pad Recommendation

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Do you love super smooth paper for doodling? Me too. So help me … if my pen catches on the paper, I want to burn the whole pad.

I also love finding new shapes of drawing pads, like square or tall and narrow. Unfortunately, before today, the only ones I found were bound in shrink wrap so I couldn’t feel the paper. Just not gonna buy it if I can’t test its smoothness.

Well today I found the perfect drawing pads!

Pen to Paper Writing Supplies is apparently the brand to go with. I found these – a 7″x7″ and a 4.5″x6.76″ – at Books-A-Million.

I don’t have a Books-A-Million in my home state so I stocked up. But now that I know (and now that you know) I’d feel comfortable buying more of these online. Happy shopping!

Here’s a simple idea for you! Start with controlled loops. (I always say controlled because despite how loose and free the lines look in doodle art, they should mostly be drawn with thought and purpose.) Make the loops close on the skinny ends. Trace inside the original loops at different widths from the original but the same from loop to loop. (I’m gonna start singing Shirley Temple songs now. Dork alert!) Then fill with patterns.

Weak in the knees doodle art (c) Heidi Denney.jpg
Try it and, as always, feel free to send me some of your drawings.

I’ll likely come back to these easy loops and try some variations. So watch for it! And, dare I say and have you hold me to it… I’d love to start incorporating faces. I used to draw portraits in pencil. But that was a long time ago and this is a strange new medium. We’ll see.

Sorry, no time lapse. Sometimes I just need to shut it off and doodle. 🙂 This is a strange one, but I think I like it. Any thoughts?


I always hear, “I love to doodle but I’m just not good at it. I never know what to draw.” I have come up with a solution! May I present (duh duh DAH!) Doodle Prompts. Give it a try (for real) and let me know if it helps you at all.

Start by watching this time-lapse video to get a better feel for the process. Watch how I skip around the page a bunch. This is because I will be doodling along and feel that a particular area needs some solid black. Then I’ll notice that I haven’t used a certain element in another area and I’ll go add some of that. Sometimes, I’ll pause to look at it, even squinting my eyes, to see if it feels balanced. Don’t get caught up in tiny details. Every now and then, throw in something big and then work tiny details in around it.

Then use these tutorials to get the basic elements down. (You have my permission to print the following two images/pages. Just click on them to go full size. Then print.)

Doodle art drawing prompt elements by Heidi Denney

Use this starter page to get you going. Once you’ve tried it using this prompt, start a fresh drawing on nice paper.

Doodle art drawing prompt starter page by Heidi Denney

Here’s how my doodle turned out. 🙂 

Doodle drawing sharpie art VisceraPhantasma by Heidi Denney

I really want to see your drawings from this doodle prompt. Message me with a picture of your final work. heidimarie.artist [@] gmail [com] I’d like to create a post in a few weeks with all your drawings but if you’d rather I don’t share yours, just let me know. If this was helpful to you, leave me a comment. If you have any suggestions, leave me a comment.

Now doodle!