Drawing Pad Recommendation

Posted: December 22, 2013 in Links
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Do you love super smooth paper for doodling? Me too. So help me … if my pen catches on the paper, I want to burn the whole pad.

I also love finding new shapes of drawing pads, like square or tall and narrow. Unfortunately, before today, the only ones I found were bound in shrink wrap so I couldn’t feel the paper. Just not gonna buy it if I can’t test its smoothness.

Well today I found the perfect drawing pads!

Pen to Paper Writing Supplies is apparently the brand to go with. I found these – a 7″x7″ and a 4.5″x6.76″ – at Books-A-Million.

I don’t have a Books-A-Million in my home state so I stocked up. But now that I know (and now that you know) I’d feel comfortable buying more of these online. Happy shopping!

  1. Hey thanks. Good to know. By the way, I love your little introductions on your doodles.

    • Heidi Denney says:

      Hahaha thanks. I hate figuring out what to write with my doodles. I just want to post the drawings. But search engines will think I’m an evil mastermind, plotting to trap people with my blog. So I write.

  2. shannie says:

    Scrolling through my feeds last night and I saw the photo of your sketchbooks… and because I was so tired, I thought, hey… I just got one of those awesome sketchbooks today!! Then I realized it was your feed and felt dumb. 😀
    BUT, they really are super awesome! I drew for a second or two while people were over and immediately fell in love with the smoothness of the paper and the square size. Interestingly, I can tell that the size changed my initial starting off doodle… so I am anxious to get home and draw some more!! Thank you Heidi!

    • Heidi Denney says:

      I’m so glad you like it! It’s so smooth it almost doesn’t absorb the ink. Haha Which is awesome because even with my drying out pen, it feels new and glides over the surface. Yay! Good find! 🙂

  3. Also if you ever happen to see some, Boldmere’s “The Artist’s Choice” is a really good brand of sketchbook. It’s cartridge paper, so the ink doesn’t bleed and it will accept nearly all dry mediums… Some pencils may not work but that’s down to quality of the pencils.

    • Heidi Denney says:

      Thanks! I’ll keep my eye out for them. My art medium has always been pencil so I wanted tooth. Now all I want is smooth. It’s a whole new world. 🙂

      • You will love it when you doodle and the linework you can achieve on smooth, texture-less paper will be immense.

      • Heidi Denney says:

        Absolutely! The drawing pad I’ve been using is pretty smooth. But not as smooth as this new paper. It makes such a difference. I’ve almost abandoned my mini sketchbook because the paper has so much tooth. My pen keeps catching. Thanks again for the recommendation.

  4. iwapaho says:

    Can not find these items on their website??

  5. Hi I love your site. I love doodling daily. Thank you for the inspirations/promts.
    I was reading one of your posts I think the pen to paper. I though I read of a pen that you had suggested? Can you let me know what the pen was?

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