Tasty Rainbow Doodle Drawing

Posted: April 2, 2014 in Doodle Art
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Another one today! I’m hot. (In the most doodle way possible.) Thank you, Shannie, for letting us stay at your house when we visit so I can be reminded of how wonderful it is to doodle and how I need to enjoy it without it being perfect. Who’s with me over here on the imperfect side?!


  1. iwapaho says:

    I’m on your side. This doodle looks delicious.

  2. I’m with you but I also think your doodles are perfect!

  3. Kim Hook says:

    I can’t see the imperfections in your work and I’m sure other people would struggle to find them also. You have to remember that we don’t know what picture you had in your head as you started, we only see the finished work – and they’re always amazing to us.
    I wish i had a tenth of the talent you do! Keep up with the brilliant work.
    Sorry this comment is rather late, I’ve only just come across your website.

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