Tangled Doodle Art in Time-Lapse

Posted: April 23, 2014 in Doodle Art, Time Lapse
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Phew… this one took me a while. Pretty much all week. I hope you enjoy it. I tried a few different zooms on the video this time. Let me know if you prefer the wide angle where you can see the whole drawing or the close-ups so you can see all the details.

time-lapse doodle drawing


  1. You are amazing. Love your patterns and intricate details. Awesome!

  2. lefebvre says:


    Tres jolie travail. J essai de me mettre aussi a creer ses dessins. Pourrais tu m aider pour comment bien commencer dans la creation.


    David (france)

    • Heidi Denney says:

      Merci, David! I suggest you try starting with some overall loose swirly lines that will cover the page. Then browse the Internet for tangle or doodle patterns you like and try filling in the spaces between the swirls with different patterns. It takes some time to get your own feel for it but keep going. You will settle in within a few drawings. πŸ™‚

  3. bequirox says:

    I like close ups if you’re drawing something detailed that you want to show the technique. I like wide shots for less detailed sections (that big simple leaf, etc.). I’m wondering why you haven’t monetized your videos? I can’t afford to buy anything from your shop, but I always click the ads on videos I subscribe to.

    Your style and technique are beautiful. I’ve just started doodling and you’ve really inspired me!

    • Heidi Denney says:

      Thank you, bequirox. That was super helpful feedback!

      As for why I haven’t monetized yet, I started my blog for growth and expression and didn’t want to make it a business and lose all of my artistic freedom. I’ve owned several different businesses and they are all-consuming, no matter what type of business. I’ve even tried the “I’m not going to make this a business but it can’t hurt to earn a little extra” which inevitably turns into an all-consuming venture. I’ve battled with whether or not to shift to a hosted WordPress site too but doing so means I’ll have regular monthly expenses (no matter how small they are) which make me feel pressured to earn something in return which always leads to the all-consuming issue. And with this type of art I especially freeze up the moment I HAVE to do it.

      Also there’s the issue of having ads on my videos which makes them less pleasant. But after your comment, I investigated a bit and see that there are other options for monetizing. I may consider doing that in the future. Unfortunately while I’m on WordPress for free, they cover my posts in ads anyway. 😦

  4. Amanda says:

    I love your drawing skills

  5. Daisy says:

    I like make zentangles

  6. Lynn says:

    Loved your zentangle…i have been doing them for years and calling them doodles..i also loved the song playing in the background…if you don’t mind sharing…who is the singer and what is the title of the song…Lynn

  7. Nicole says:

    Wow, this video is incredible! I cannot believe you did that all on the arm of your couch! Impressive! I totally understand what you mean about monetizing a hobby/passion. However, you are so talented, that I would pay to watch you doodle πŸ™‚ More videos, please!

    • Heidi Denney says:

      Thank you, Nicole. You’re so sweet! I used to have a great setup where I could gorilla-Pod my camera to the light next to me where I worked. Since we moved, the setup is different and I haven’t found a good angle. I need to work on that so I can get you some new videos. πŸ™‚

  8. Carol says:

    This is awesome! I just wish it was slower so I could watch how you make the patterns better.

  9. Your work looks amazing. Couple of questions – do you do your stuff all at once or over a few hours broken up/few days? How long on average does one of your pieces like this one take? What are your favourite pens to use? I have started doing some doodleart stuff of my own, but I find it takes me a few days (in total maybe 2-3 hours), but mostly I have to be in the right “mood” to do it, and that isn’t every afternoon when I get home from my day job. I have a bunch of artline, sharpies and a few other random pens – but tend to use the 0.2 a lot but find it a bit tedious with this sort of work. I also find I get stuck half way through a page and am thinking of moving to an A5 instead of A4 sketchbook to help with this.

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