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This was my first time using a template and I really liked it. I got the template from the Ornation Creation page on Facebook. Try it! It’s awesome.


I am really happy with this design, as you can see because I’ve already uploaded it on in both its original black and white and as in color. Which do you like better?

It’s such a simple design. Start with a squiggly, add “leaves.” That’s all. When filling in the large black areas, don’t “color” in the traditional sense. Draw consecutive straight lines across the page until it’s all covered. It sounds ridiculous but it lends for a very clean black area. Also, you can’t really see it in the progress shots but I started this one with a compass and a very light penciled in circle. It’s something new I’ve been trying. If you don’t have a compass, try tracing a large, round object.

doodle art by Heidi Denney


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doodle art mug

doodle art duvet cover

doodle art pillow

doodle art phone cover

Unemployment sucks. Let’s take advantage of it by doodling our brains out.

time-lapse doodle art

Wishing for warmer days. Here is a light and airy floral doodle for you. Hopefully you’ve been spared the constant cold, rain and wind we’ve had here for the last few days. Tell me all about the warm weather where you are. I need to know it’s out there somewhere.


Yay! I had fun with this one. Easy. Clean. Fun. I needed help from 2 people to name this. Lots of key words were coming up. What do you think of when you look at it?


Thank goodness for my husband’s help with titling again. I had no idea what to name this. Kind of a weird one. I feel rusty.