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The Humble Beginning

Posted: August 30, 2015 in Progress
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I came across my very first official doodle today – one I was ashamed of at the time and never thought I’d share. And then there was my second, which I was so disgusted with that I walked away and never finished it.

It was cool to look back and see how far I’ve come. I thought I would share because we all start in different places. And not all of our works are worthy of sharing. If they are, you’re not challenging yourself enough.

With that, I share…

My first official doodle:


And my second:


Giggly doodle art progress shot 1

Giggly doodle art progress shot 2

Giggly doodle art progress shot 3

Giggly doodle art progress shot 4

Giggly doodle art progress shot 5

Giggly doodle art progress shot 6

Giggly doodle art progress shot 7



And… dah dah dah! The final doodle art drawing that I’m calling Giggly. …which is so unlike me.

Giggly doodle art by Heidi Denney


And since you all only ever see me draw in super speed, I thought I’d share a piece in real time. Yeah… it’s slow. My point? Don’t rush when you’re doodling. The point is to relax, slow down (in life, not just doodling) and chill. Just. Slow. Down.

You should also know I was holding my phone camera for this one and actually drawing through my view on the phone. Don’t judge me.

Yay! Crazy pants are here! I’ve been watching leggings grow in popularity on and now I’m happy to announce I’ve posted my first pair with the very popular “Tangled” doodle.

Tangled doodled leggings

In addition to the new leggings, check out the new all over print t-shirt of my “Phoebe” doodle!

Phoebe doodle art t-shirt clothing

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