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It’s almost March! Holy cow, where is the time going? I need a few more days in every month.


If you’ve been following my color schemes for the last few months, you’re probably getting into the groove. Here are some brief reminders so I don’t overload you with the same details every month.

These color schemes are suggestions. Experiment. Come up with your own. Fall back on mine if you’re out of inspiration. Change them up a bit if you want. I’ve listed colors in order from “use this the most” to “use this as an accent” from top to bottom. Have fun!

Color Schemes

color scheme inspiration for doodle art coloring book Mar 5

color scheme inspiration for doodle art coloring book Mar 12

color scheme inspiration for doodle art coloring book Mar 19

color scheme inspiration for doodle art coloring book Mar 26

Get The Book

If you haven’t purchased the book yet, it’s not too late! Find it on Amazon for $9.50. Use it purely as a coloring book, make use of the calendar or record your favorite thing from every day as a journal.

Share Your Colored Pages

I’d love to see your colored pages! Share online with hashtag #doodleaddictedcalendar2017, share a link in the comments below or post directly to my Facebook page.


I want to know what’s working for you and what isn’t with the coloring book calendar as well as the color schemes. Is the book size practical? Are the calendar day blocks big enough? Is there anything missing you wish were there? Are the color scheme suggestions working for you? Comment below with your thoughts so I can make the next one better.


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I’m stepping away from my norm here (just for a moment, I promise) and sharing a slightly different kind of art I’ve been exploring. I’ve enjoyed pencil sketches since high school but watercolors are new for me. The video is a combination of real time and time lapse. I hope you enjoy it!

Here’s the pencil drawing before watercolors were applied.

diabolic pencil drawing by Heidi Denney

And the final painting.

diabolic watercolor painting by Heidi Denney

Tell me all the arts you enjoy. Let’s be art friends. ^____^

Because…just because. Go with it.

I started with basic straight lines crossing the page. This is how most lies begin.

Then I filled in all the corners of the wedges. This is the most fun step for some reason, probably because I’m a weirdo.

Now that the corners of your mind…er drawing have gone dark, vary the direction of repeated arcs within the shapes, to cover your lies from every angle. Triangular shapes are easy. The trapezoidal shapes were a bit more challenging. It’s big word Wednesday, btw.

And voila! You have a tangled web of lies, solid for a moment yet so frail as soon as a little pressure is applied.

Don’t be a liar. Liars suck.

Share your version with hashtag #weboflies.