“Web of Lies” Doodle Art 

Posted: February 1, 2017 in Doodle Art, Progress
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Because…just because. Go with it.

I started with basic straight lines crossing the page. This is how most lies begin.

Then I filled in all the corners of the wedges. This is the most fun step for some reason, probably because I’m a weirdo.

Now that the corners of your mind…er drawing have gone dark, vary the direction of repeated arcs within the shapes, to cover your lies from every angle. Triangular shapes are easy. The trapezoidal shapes were a bit more challenging. It’s big word Wednesday, btw.

And voila! You have a tangled web of lies, solid for a moment yet so frail as soon as a little pressure is applied.

Don’t be a liar. Liars suck.

Share your version with hashtag #weboflies.

  1. If you are a weirdo, you are a talented one. It looks easy but you know me in doodles with lines. lol

  2. Carolina says:

    This is a great illustration to give someone who seems to thrive on “alternative facts” and avoid the truth at all cost. It seems that making oneself feel awesome and great is more important than the truth!

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