Spring Coffin Doodle Art

Posted: April 11, 2018 in Doodle Art, Tattoo Inspiration, Uncategorized
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I really didn’t intend to make this so morbid, but once I finished, it fit. Spring is dead on arrival and I’m so so so ready for summer. Enough of the snow and cold. I was done with winter around November 3. Let’s move on now.

Spring Coffin Doodle art

  1. Jane A Purdy says:

    Very cool but I think it looks like a kite. A kite ready for a windy spring day.

  2. Very fitting although you know I like the winter. I do enjoy the colors of spring though and it can stop there and skip to fall. Such a talented artist who thinks out of the box which creates some exciting and unique forms of art.

  3. Loving your linework….. Beautiful

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