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I was inspired by computer circuitry when I drew this doodle. I was really happy with it and decided to put it on a t-shirt. But I’m horrible with coming up with phrases and words, which peeps seem to like more than just an image. So I asked my hubby to help and he came up with “Circular Logic.”

Here’s the drawing with a second zoomed in detail.

2018-06-07 A Star Is Born kaleidoscope mandala doodle by Heidi Denney

2018-06-07 A Star Is Born DETAILS kaleidoscope mandala doodle by Heidi Denney

And here’s the t-shirt available on the affordable DesignByHumans website. (Other websites are charging up to $40 for my designs.) It’s available in sizes for men, women, juniors, and kids!

2018-06-07 Circular Logic t-shirt doodle by Heidi Denney



I drew this with a Sharpie in my new Kraft paper sketchpad. When I had everything drawn except the wind at the top left, I showed it to my husband and said, “Something’s missing. What does it need?” He suggested the wind. This is why I keep him around.

stubborn doodle art by Heidi Denney

And because I got such instantaneous rave reviews from my family and friends (I love you guys), I posted it on Enjoy.

stubborn doodle art products by Society6



2017 weekly planner doodle art coloring book


Tomorrow’s the last day my 2017 Weekly Planner Doodle Art Coloring Book is on sale for $7.50. (Regular price $9.50) Stock up to gift everyone you know. That way they’ll have no excuse for missing that dinner you had planned for months. 😉


Yay! Crazy pants are here! I’ve been watching leggings grow in popularity on and now I’m happy to announce I’ve posted my first pair with the very popular “Tangled” doodle.

Tangled doodled leggings

In addition to the new leggings, check out the new all over print t-shirt of my “Phoebe” doodle!

Phoebe doodle art t-shirt clothing

And take advantage of their current promo for free shipping and $5 off laptop sleeves by using this link to shop my store. Deal expires soon – August 9!

Yay! They came in. I love them.



My new challenge is lettering. And while this is no work of art, it’s a start. It accomplishes the lettering goal while also expressing how I feel about my lettering expertise. [grin]

Let me know what you think. Guide me in my lettering adventures.

Biker Tee on Society6 Shower Curtain on Society6 Mug on Society6 Clock on Society6 Phone cases on Society6




Also find it on where you can get 15% off everything through this Tuesday, April 21 by using the code GIFTSJUST4HER. (This promotion is offered through Zazzle so please direct your inquiries to them.)

Bleh Men's T-shirt on ZazzleSkateboard on ZazzleMorphing Mug on ZazzleBleh flask on Zazzlebleh_womens_bella_ringer_t_shirt_white_black-rae09dfdc30624c459c7f1e184f2f428d_vjfef_512

I’m working on a new doodle art coloring book and I need your help so that I can choose the best paper type. I was originally going to try to incorporate a weekly calendar but in order to have the coloring pages big enough, the calendar would be gigantic. I welcome any of your thoughts or suggestions on this project.

I had a rare opportunity to sit home in my PJs all day today and, of course, managed to work for a few hours and unpack boxes for another couple of hours. That’s just me. I can’t sit around all day and do nothing. Today turned out quite well. I feel rejuvenated. So enjoy the time lapse video of this spunky doodle being created.

doodle art by Heidi Denney


Check out these great gifts made from this doodle:

doodle art pillow

doodle art mug

doodle art shower curtain