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I fidget. Can’t sit still. Never could. So whether I’m bored, uncomfortable or excited, you will likely see me squirm. 

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Because…just because. Go with it.

I started with basic straight lines crossing the page. This is how most lies begin.

Then I filled in all the corners of the wedges. This is the most fun step for some reason, probably because I’m a weirdo.

Now that the corners of your mind…er drawing have gone dark, vary the direction of repeated arcs within the shapes, to cover your lies from every angle. Triangular shapes are easy. The trapezoidal shapes were a bit more challenging. It’s big word Wednesday, btw.

And voila! You have a tangled web of lies, solid for a moment yet so frail as soon as a little pressure is applied.

Don’t be a liar. Liars suck.

Share your version with hashtag #weboflies.

Sitting around chatting with my parents and friend who are visiting from out of state for the weekend. Love my family. They need to move in. 🙂


Here are some progress shots:




Back to my family now! Xoxo

The Humble Beginning

Posted: August 30, 2015 in Progress
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I came across my very first official doodle today – one I was ashamed of at the time and never thought I’d share. And then there was my second, which I was so disgusted with that I walked away and never finished it.

It was cool to look back and see how far I’ve come. I thought I would share because we all start in different places. And not all of our works are worthy of sharing. If they are, you’re not challenging yourself enough.

With that, I share…

My first official doodle:


And my second:


Giggly doodle art progress shot 1

Giggly doodle art progress shot 2

Giggly doodle art progress shot 3

Giggly doodle art progress shot 4

Giggly doodle art progress shot 5

Giggly doodle art progress shot 6

Giggly doodle art progress shot 7



And… dah dah dah! The final doodle art drawing that I’m calling Giggly. …which is so unlike me.

Giggly doodle art by Heidi Denney


And since you all only ever see me draw in super speed, I thought I’d share a piece in real time. Yeah… it’s slow. My point? Don’t rush when you’re doodling. The point is to relax, slow down (in life, not just doodling) and chill. Just. Slow. Down.

You should also know I was holding my phone camera for this one and actually drawing through my view on the phone. Don’t judge me.

I am really happy with this design, as you can see because I’ve already uploaded it on in both its original black and white and as in color. Which do you like better?

It’s such a simple design. Start with a squiggly, add “leaves.” That’s all. When filling in the large black areas, don’t “color” in the traditional sense. Draw consecutive straight lines across the page until it’s all covered. It sounds ridiculous but it lends for a very clean black area. Also, you can’t really see it in the progress shots but I started this one with a compass and a very light penciled in circle. It’s something new I’ve been trying. If you don’t have a compass, try tracing a large, round object.

doodle art by Heidi Denney


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