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I’ve mentioned this before but it’s worth repeating. The finish work you do on your doodles is what makes it art. It’s subtle sometimes. Other times it’s drastic. But it’s important. It gives your lines dimension and makes them more solid. Check out this before and after. Then try it.

Here are a couple of fill patterns I enjoy drawing.

Basketweave pattern video


Draped silk pattern video

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Do you have a favorite fill pattern to doodle? Share a link in the comments.

Remember this doodle?

time-lapse doodle drawing


And the accompanying time-lapse video here:



The challenge went out to hundreds of doodlers in the Facebook group, For the Love of Doodling, to create their own version of this doodle. I’m so happy to share the great variety of results!

The following works of art are © by the names listed beneath each.

Random doodle challenge

by Cathy Stewart

random doodle challenge

by Chris Gerstner

random doodle challenge

by Karen Ann Chiu

random doodle challenge

by Jackie R Wright

Random doodle challenge

by Jackie R Wright

random doodle challenge

by Marie Quatre-Poches

I love every one of them and am honored you liked this challenge enough to participate and share! Comment below if there’s another doodle on this site you’d like to see a tutorial, prompt or challenge for.

Let’s create this Soil and Stars doodle art.

Soil and Stars doodle art prompt tutorial by Heidi Denney


Soil and stars doodle art prompt tutorial steps 1 and 2


3. Use the Box Fill pattern between the curved lines.

Box Fill doodle art tutorial by heidi denney


4. Below the curve, use Psycho Lines. Watch the tutorial here:


5. Add Peacock Plants to the top of the curve.

Peacock Plant doodle art tutorial Heidi Denney


6. Draw an odd number of stars in the sky. Watch me draw stars here:

(Note: An odd number of items is typically more visually appealing than an even number of items.)

Share Your Results

You can share them with me on Facebook or contact me for my email address. If I get a handful, I’ll share them in a post on this blog.

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Many of my friends have been asking for tips to better doodles. One of the most important things in transforming doodles into art is how you finish it. And by that I mean after you’ve sketched it, what do you to take it to the next level?

My favorite finish work is to accentuate curves by thickening them at the height if their extension as seen in the top section of the image below. Another great way to finish your work is to fill in large areas with black, also shown below.

What tips do you have for taking doodles to the next level?