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I really didn’t intend to make this so morbid, but once I finished, it fit. Spring is dead on arrival and I’m so so so ready for summer. Enough of the snow and cold. I was done with winter around November 3. Let’s move on now.

Spring Coffin Doodle art

Just doodling with puppy by my side. I’ve needed her this week. Who else can’t live without their pet?

Doodle art drawing by Heidi Denney


Posted: April 6, 2014 in Uncategorized

If you enjoy photography and intense creativity, follow this guy. He’s a good friend of mine and his work always blows me away.

Sorry, no time lapse. Sometimes I just need to shut it off and doodle. 🙂 This is a strange one, but I think I like it. Any thoughts?