A little post-op doodling. (Nothing serious.) I only realized after finishing it that I’d drawn on the skeletal page of the book and how fitting that was. ^____^

I call this one “Visitors” because I had house guests when I created it, but also because the end product reminded me a bit of a giant beanstalk with some sort of alien growth. ~____^

Visitors doodle art by Heidi Denney


The video is a combination of time lapse and real time. At the beginning of each new section, watch in real time to get a feel for the movement. Then enjoy the remainder in time lapse.


Do you love visitors as much as I do?!?! The more, the merrier.


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2017 weekly planner doodle art coloring book


Remember these doodles?

Dandy Doodle Art by Heidi DenneyPhoebe flowers by Heidi Denney.jpg









They’re both now being used in the chocolate decor atop and around European pastries at an international gourmet chocolate company.

doodle art on gourmet pastry dessert carrot cake doodle art on gourmet pastry dessert red velvet cakedoodle art on gourmet pastry dessert cheesecake doodle art on gourmet pastry dessert caramel cheesecake

My drawings were scanned in and sent to a company that prints them with colored cocoa butter onto sheets of plastic. A mold is then laid over the plastic sheet, filled with chocolate and left to set. When the mold is removed, the disks of chocolate are left stuck to the sheet. As they’re pulled off, the cocoa butter design transfers to the chocolate disk. Pretty cool, right? 


I love line work. It’s so soothing and therapeutic. Check out these billowing wood grains or whatever. It’s like a tree gained a few pounds. >___>

On a more…er…normal note. I’m already ready for summer. Who’s with me? 

I drew this while sitting in a cramped, very old theater while my girls rehearsed their play. Or rather…while the director took an hour just to get started and then they rehearsed their play. The experience was first frustrating but then remarkably nostalgic, bringing me back to my theater days.

Stage Mom doodle art by Heidi Denney

I’m both shocked and thrilled that my marker test was a success! No bleed-through at all. This book really is perfect now. Toothy paper perfect for colored pencils and thick enough that markers don’t bleed through. I mean, come on…

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weekly planner coloring book marker test front


Here’s the back side of that page. No bleed-through! Have I mentioned how excited I am about this?

weekly planner coloring book marker test back