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Here are a couple of fill patterns I enjoy drawing.

Basketweave pattern video


Draped silk pattern video

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Do you have a favorite fill pattern to doodle? Share a link in the comments.

I mentioned in my last post that this would be ready soon. It’s in review with the publisher and should be ready within days!! I can’t wait. Raise your hand if you’re excited too. 🙂

2017 weekly planner doodle art coloring book

53 unique doodle art drawings to add to or color! I’ll also be sharing color scheme inspiration each month here on the blog so follow me! 😀

PS It’s here!

Yeah. I went there. Whipped this baby up in just a few minutes. What have you been up to lately?

Easy Street when it comes to doodling.


Thank you, Patti, for the title. 🙂

Aiming for something a little Paisley inspired here mixed with some solid hard lines. It took me what felt like ages to finish but the point is to enjoy the process. Which I did. Immensely.



If only I could grow some of these… What color(s) would you make it?



My 9-year-old step-daughter and I worked on this together. I drew a little. She drew a little. It was thoroughly enjoyable. And I’m so proud to share it. She also was the one who named it. 🙂