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Dreaming of summer while I’m huddled under a blanket next to the heater.


Busy yet simple.



I love doodling in old books as long as the pages are smooth. And this book is silky smooth. So much fun!

The Original Doodle Design

I’m not even sure I ever posted this design when I created it but it’s been one of my favorites for its simplicity. Others have given it the descriptive term “Swedish Art” which for whatever reason makes me happy. I think it’s more that it’s considered to be art than that it has a Swedish flare. As I’ve mentioned before, I often flip flop between very intricate doodle designs and then super simple ones. And I’m always surprised by how quickly these simple ones just pop out of me and onto the paper. You’d think I would always keep my doodle art simple.

No. I like to complicate things. haha

Anyway, here’s the original.

doodle drawing sharpie art tangle

© Heidi Denney

The Gift Designs

So I took that design and played with it a bit. I have to give credit to my friend, Patty, for suggesting the bit of red in this design. I’m so happy with the result, especially against the black background. Check out all the gift items this design comes on. They look so pretty! Fun!

doodle art pillow gift

Deco Flora doodle art pillow and other gifts

doodle art mug gifts

Deco Flora doodle art mug and other gifts

My latest doodle art drawing completed during a Pillars of the Earth marathon. 🙂


Why am I so drawn to flowers? Not sure. Probably because they’re all swirly and curly and stuff. Yay for curvy lines!