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The girls wanted to get in on the time-lapse video deal so I made these videos of them. Show them some love!

Kalam is 10 years old, loves to sing, draw and perform. I particularly like the freckles and the bold red background.


Sylaris is also 10 years old, loves to drum, draw and dance hip hop. I love the little “me” label and the fact that she penciled it our before finalizing in Sharpie.

Check it out! My niece and nephews (ages 6-9) have taken up doodling! With a little coaching, here’s what they came up with. Aren’t they amazing little doodle sketchers?
From youngest to oldest (and I’ve been asked to make it clear that the oldest hasn’t finished his…) Here they are:

Artwork in this post is © by these great kids.

6-year-old O.L.
8-year-old S.L.
9-year-old M.L.