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My brother and sister-in-law asked me to doodle a butterfly on their daughter’s wall. What a cool request! (Thank you, bro.) This is a time lapse video of the process, including my Sharpie fail. I think maybe you might need matte finish paint instead of semi-matte or whatever the non-glossy one is that’s still shiny. (haha I’m so technical.)

I’m also going to take a moment to say that Microsoft ruined my life (again) when they changed Movie Maker. It was so easy to drop a few clips in, change transitions, add a title. Done. Not anymore. I fumbled through the new/old version of Movie Maker, nearly threw my computer through the bay window, gave up, and switched back to Adobe Premiere, which is WAY overkill for this kind of video. Plus I haven’t used it in about five years so there was the re-learning.

To make a short story endless, I managed. Please forgive all of my amateur video issues. ^________^



2018-06-17 JJsButterfly doodle art by Heidi Denney

Remember these doodles?

Dandy Doodle Art by Heidi DenneyPhoebe flowers by Heidi Denney.jpg









They’re both now being used in the chocolate decor atop and around European pastries at an international gourmet chocolate company.

doodle art on gourmet pastry dessert carrot cake doodle art on gourmet pastry dessert red velvet cakedoodle art on gourmet pastry dessert cheesecake doodle art on gourmet pastry dessert caramel cheesecake

My drawings were scanned in and sent to a company that prints them with colored cocoa butter onto sheets of plastic. A mold is then laid over the plastic sheet, filled with chocolate and left to set. When the mold is removed, the disks of chocolate are left stuck to the sheet. As they’re pulled off, the cocoa butter design transfers to the chocolate disk. Pretty cool, right?


I am really happy with this design, as you can see because I’ve already uploaded it on in both its original black and white and as in color. Which do you like better?

It’s such a simple design. Start with a squiggly, add “leaves.” That’s all. When filling in the large black areas, don’t “color” in the traditional sense. Draw consecutive straight lines across the page until it’s all covered. It sounds ridiculous but it lends for a very clean black area. Also, you can’t really see it in the progress shots but I started this one with a compass and a very light penciled in circle. It’s something new I’ve been trying. If you don’t have a compass, try tracing a large, round object.

doodle art by Heidi Denney


Click an image to view and purchase it on Society6. Many more products available!

doodle art mug

doodle art duvet cover

doodle art pillow

doodle art phone cover

Ok I promise I’ll get back to “normal” doodling soon. But for now, this is easy and fun. Try it.