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I was inspired by computer circuitry when I drew this doodle. I was really happy with it and decided to put it on a t-shirt. But I’m horrible with coming up with phrases and words, which peeps seem to like more than just an image. So I asked my hubby to help and he came up with “Circular Logic.”

Here’s the drawing with a second zoomed in detail.

2018-06-07 A Star Is Born kaleidoscope mandala doodle by Heidi Denney

2018-06-07 A Star Is Born DETAILS kaleidoscope mandala doodle by Heidi Denney

And here’s the t-shirt available on the affordable DesignByHumans website. (Other websites are charging up to $40 for my designs.) It’s available in sizes for men, women, juniors, and kids!

2018-06-07 Circular Logic t-shirt doodle by Heidi Denney



I bet you can guess what show I was watching. I’ll give you a hint, “Ross” is in it and plays a much older man.

2018-05-14 Black Glove kaleidoscope mandala doodle by Heidi Denney


A couple months ago, I started putting my art to use, designing custom tattoos for people. I’ll be sharing these here and there because I think they’re fun. So many of them have special meaning to their owners.

The request for this custom tattoo design included:

  • sunny, breezy California poppies
  • two open flowers and one bud
  • big, fat bumble bees buzzing around
  • watercolor look

Here are the variations of the design I came up with.

2018-05-08 poppies bumble bees custom tattoo by Heidi Denney


Feel free to get in touch if you need a custom tattoo designed.


That’s all. Just hemp. ^_____^

2018-05-06 Hemp mandala kaleidoscope doodle by Heidi Denney



How’s the weather where you are? I think it’s finally warming up here. ❤


2018-04-22 winter in april kaleidoscope mandala doodle art by Heidi Denney