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I call this one “Visitors” because I had house guests when I created it, but also because the end product reminded me a bit of a giant beanstalk with some sort of alien growth. ~____^

Visitors doodle art by Heidi Denney


The video is a combination of time lapse and real time. At the beginning of each new section, watch in real time to get a feel for the movement. Then enjoy the remainder in time lapse.


Do you love visitors as much as I do?!?! The more, the merrier.


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Giggly doodle art progress shot 1

Giggly doodle art progress shot 2

Giggly doodle art progress shot 3

Giggly doodle art progress shot 4

Giggly doodle art progress shot 5

Giggly doodle art progress shot 6

Giggly doodle art progress shot 7



And… dah dah dah! The final doodle art drawing that I’m calling Giggly. …which is so unlike me.

Giggly doodle art by Heidi Denney


And since you all only ever see me draw in super speed, I thought I’d share a piece in real time. Yeah… it’s slow. My point? Don’t rush when you’re doodling. The point is to relax, slow down (in life, not just doodling) and chill. Just. Slow. Down.

You should also know I was holding my phone camera for this one and actually drawing through my view on the phone. Don’t judge me.

Many of my friends have been asking for tips to better doodles. One of the most important things in transforming doodles into art is how you finish it. And by that I mean after you’ve sketched it, what do you to take it to the next level?

My favorite finish work is to accentuate curves by thickening them at the height if their extension as seen in the top section of the image below. Another great way to finish your work is to fill in large areas with black, also shown below.

What tips do you have for taking doodles to the next level?