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I love line work. It’s so soothing and therapeutic. Check out these billowing wood grains or whatever. It’s like a tree gained a few pounds. >___>

On a more…er…normal note. I’m already ready for summer. Who’s with me? 

I drew this with a Sharpie in my new Kraft paper sketchpad. When I had everything drawn except the wind at the top left, I showed it to my husband and said, “Something’s missing. What does it need?” He suggested the wind. This is why I keep him around.

stubborn doodle art by Heidi Denney

And because I got such instantaneous rave reviews from my family and friends (I love you guys), I posted it on Enjoy.

stubborn doodle art products by Society6



2017 weekly planner doodle art coloring book


Tomorrow’s the last day my 2017 Weekly Planner Doodle Art Coloring Book is on sale for $7.50. (Regular price $9.50) Stock up to gift everyone you know. That way they’ll have no excuse for missing that dinner you had planned for months. 😉


I had no plan to draw a dragon but after the first curl, it hit me. It might have also been that I’ve been working on a dragon tattoo for someone. So this turned out to be a great opportunity to practice some dragon scales. 🙂


Pushing myself out of my little box again. It always makes me nervous to illustrate something real (as opposed to abstract) because suddenly there are rules. Any thoughts?

Also… I really need a scanner. Haha