My new coloring book is available on Amazon for $11.95 $9.95!

Adult coloring book

Stress Relief

Set aside your inhibitions and perfectionism. There are no rules here. Lose yourself in relaxing patterns and colors and let the world melt away around you.

What’s Inside?

Within this book, you’ll find 40 hand-drawn pen and ink illustrations by moi. More than half of the designs have never been published! Plus I’ve included a few of my most popular doodles. Scratch your creative itch whether you enjoy doodling, coloring, or decorating your home with unique artwork. Do all three in this Finish, Fill, & Frame It collection!

Adult coloring book pages preview





I’ve mentioned this before but it’s worth repeating. The finish work you do on your doodles is what makes it art. It’s subtle sometimes. Other times it’s drastic. But it’s important. It gives your lines dimension and makes them more solid. Check out this before and after. Then try it.

Just doodling with puppy by my side. I’ve needed her this week. Who else can’t live without their pet?

Doodle art drawing by Heidi Denney

Don’t try to figure it out. Just let it happen. 

I acquired me some Chameleon markers from a friend. At first, I didn’t understand how to use them. Like, how am I supposed know how much marker it will take to fill a shape? So I fiddled with them for a bit. And finally got the hang of ’em. It’s all in the wrist. ~__^

Here’s a little ditty for your Sunday night. Dance with me. 🙂 

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Spring! Is it warm where you are yet? The warmer, the better. Bring on Summer!


These color schemes are suggestions. Experiment. Come up with your own. Fall back on mine if you’re out of inspiration. Change them up a bit if you want. I’ve listed colors in order from “use this the most” to “use this as an accent” from top to bottom. Have fun!

Color Schemes

color scheme inspiration for doodle art coloring book April 2

color scheme inspiration for doodle art coloring book April 9

color scheme inspiration for doodle art coloring book April 16

color scheme inspiration for doodle art coloring book April 23

color scheme inspiration for doodle art coloring book April 30

Get The Book

If you haven’t purchased the book yet, it’s not too late! Find it on Amazon for $9.50. Use it purely as a coloring book, make use of the calendar or record your favorite thing from every day as a journal.

Share Your Colored Pages

I’d love to see your colored pages! Share online with hashtag #doodleaddictedcalendar2017, share a link in the comments below or post directly to my Facebook page.


I want to know what’s working for you and what isn’t with the coloring book calendar as well as the color schemes. Is the book size practical? Are the calendar day blocks big enough? Is there anything missing you wish were there? Are the color scheme suggestions working for you? Comment below with your thoughts so I can make the next one better.