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Check it out! My niece and nephews (ages 6-9) have taken up doodling! With a little coaching, here’s what they came up with. Aren’t they amazing little doodle sketchers?
From youngest to oldest (and I’ve been asked to make it clear that the oldest hasn’t finished his…) Here they are:

Artwork in this post is © by these great kids.

6-year-old O.L.
8-year-old S.L.
9-year-old M.L.

And here is the final beta fish doodle art drawing…

Fighter doodle art sharpie art drawing beta fish

I’ve considered trying more illustration type drawings but then it’s kind of a different art. I mean, it IS art. Doodling is just for fun and sometimes comes out pretty. Do you put recognizable art in the same category as abstract doodle art?

I’m working on something new today. Something recognizable. I hate that I put so much pressure on myself to draw everything perfect. Now that it’s actually supposed to represent something, the pressure’s even higher. But enough of my OCDness. I’m going for it! Here’s to doodling like no one will ever see it.


Doodled Pumpkins

Posted: October 17, 2013 in Classes
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So I taught a class tonight at a local library with a friend of mine who loves to doodle too. We focused the class on doodling on pumpkins. Our students did so well!

We demonstrated how to go about getting certain patterns. They practiced doodling on paper first, then went to the pumpkins.

I brought my sketch pad to flip through for patterns that I could demonstrate for them. One of the students thought my sketchbook was a published book and asked if she could find it at the library! How flattering…
If you try this at home, just use a sharpie on the pumpkin to draw your doodles. The tip might get a bit waxy now and then. Just draw on paper until it’s clear again.

I particularly enjoyed the ebb and flow of conversation and quiet that went on through the program. It’s like I could see people drifting into another world, which is my favorite thing about doodling!

What have you tried doodling on besides paper? And this all brought up the thought…would you like to see some tutorials on this blog?

You begged so I acquiesced… [blush]

Please allow me to present to you my 40-design doodle art coloring book on heavy paper so markers won’t bleed through! I’m more than a little excited about seeing a bunch of my designs all put together like this. You will now see a permanent link in the navigation above so you can easily access the shopping cart. If you’d like to purchase higher quantities and save on shipping, please message me so I can work something out for you. Thank you in advance for your support!


Doodle Art Coloring Book

By Heidi Denney

34 pages, published 4/5/2014

Over 40 hand-drawn doodles to color. This is not just for kids! Adults find coloring therapeutic.
Available in print or as a digital download.


Doodle art coloring book for adults sharpie art

Well this doodle took me a while! I’m pretty sure it’s my most intricate design. And I had no idea where I was going when I started. Of course, I rarely do.

Now that everyone’s been talking about coloring books again, all I can think about is coloring this. I love coloring doodles with markers especially when the design is so detailed. Anyone else like coloring doodles too?


Doodling by the… Heater

Posted: October 10, 2013 in Progress
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It’s cold out! Well it is for me anyway. In fact, it was last month. So after a 12-hour day of work, I’m therapy-ing with my doodle pad and infrared heater. Who’s with me?