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My new coloring book is available on Amazon for $11.95 $9.95!

Adult coloring book

Stress Relief

Set aside your inhibitions and perfectionism. There are no rules here. Lose yourself in relaxing patterns and colors and let the world melt away around you.

What’s Inside?

Within this book, you’ll find 40 hand-drawn pen and ink illustrations by moi. More than half of the designs have never been published! Plus I’ve included a few of my most popular doodles. Scratch your creative itch whether you enjoy doodling, coloring, or decorating your home with unique artwork. Do all three in this Finish, Fill, & Frame It collection!

Adult coloring book pages preview





I had a rare opportunity to sit home in my PJs all day today and, of course, managed to work for a few hours and unpack boxes for another couple of hours. That’s just me. I can’t sit around all day and do nothing. Today turned out quite well. I feel rejuvenated. So enjoy the time lapse video of this spunky doodle being created.

doodle art by Heidi Denney


Check out these great gifts made from this doodle:

doodle art pillow

doodle art mug

doodle art shower curtain


Remember this doodle?

time-lapse doodle drawing


And the accompanying time-lapse video here:



The challenge went out to hundreds of doodlers in the Facebook group, For the Love of Doodling, to create their own version of this doodle. I’m so happy to share the great variety of results!

The following works of art are © by the names listed beneath each.

Random doodle challenge

by Cathy Stewart

random doodle challenge

by Chris Gerstner

random doodle challenge

by Karen Ann Chiu

random doodle challenge

by Jackie R Wright

Random doodle challenge

by Jackie R Wright

random doodle challenge

by Marie Quatre-Poches

I love every one of them and am honored you liked this challenge enough to participate and share! Comment below if there’s another doodle on this site you’d like to see a tutorial, prompt or challenge for.

Yay! A new doodle prompt. My last doodle prompt, Viscera Phantasma, has been a huge hit and is flying around Pinterest. Finally, I have taken the time (lots and lots and LOTS of time) to put together another one for you. And you better share your final doodles with me this time! Email them to me at heidimarie.artist at gmail. Thank you ever so much!

Feel free to share these pieces or the entire prompt in one image as seen here on Pinterest.

So… to create a doodle like this…

Floral Freak doodle prompt by Heidi Denney

Start with 3 flowers and then fill…

Floral Freak doodle prompt by Heidi Denney

Using these elements…

Flower Tutorial doodle by Heidi Denney

Daisy Tutorial doodle by Heidi Denney

Leaf Tutorial doodle by Heidi Denney

Retro Leaf Tutorial by Heidi Denney

Rock Stack Tutorial by Heidi Denney

Sleak Leaf Tutorial by Heidi Denney


Circle Fill Tutorial doodle by Heidi Denney


Hash Fill doodle by Heidi Denney

Now get doodling! No excuses.

I always hear, “I love to doodle but I’m just not good at it. I never know what to draw.” I have come up with a solution! May I present (duh duh DAH!) Doodle Prompts. Give it a try (for real) and let me know if it helps you at all.

Start by watching this time-lapse video to get a better feel for the process. Watch how I skip around the page a bunch. This is because I will be doodling along and feel that a particular area needs some solid black. Then I’ll notice that I haven’t used a certain element in another area and I’ll go add some of that. Sometimes, I’ll pause to look at it, even squinting my eyes, to see if it feels balanced. Don’t get caught up in tiny details. Every now and then, throw in something big and then work tiny details in around it.

Then use these tutorials to get the basic elements down. (You have my permission to print the following two images/pages. Just click on them to go full size. Then print.)

Doodle art drawing prompt elements by Heidi Denney

Use this starter page to get you going. Once you’ve tried it using this prompt, start a fresh drawing on nice paper.

Doodle art drawing prompt starter page by Heidi Denney

Here’s how my doodle turned out. 🙂 

Doodle drawing sharpie art VisceraPhantasma by Heidi Denney

I really want to see your drawings from this doodle prompt. Message me with a picture of your final work. heidimarie.artist [@] gmail [com] I’d like to create a post in a few weeks with all your drawings but if you’d rather I don’t share yours, just let me know. If this was helpful to you, leave me a comment. If you have any suggestions, leave me a comment.

Now doodle!

Just for fun… check out this article I found: What Your Doodles Really Say About You It’s an interesting article not only because it’s about doodling but because it connects your innermost thoughts to it. And I love psychology! Whether you take these interpretations seriously or not, I think you’ll find it entertaining… like taking those magazine quizzes to see how cool you are. 😉

In the spirit of “most commonly drawn” items… here’s one of my florals (and yes, I am an amiable family-centered person.)

Doodle art floral drawing with a sharpie pen

Now go read the article. Then tell me what you find you draw most often and if the article accurate.

THIS… is the girl who got me started on doodling and I couldn’t thank her enough EVER! She’s been doodling for a while and I always admired not only her designs but her ability to find enjoyment in something so simple. At first, I colored her designs and that was fun. But then I finished coloring everything she had and wanted more. I tried to doodle myself but hated it. Not even joking. It was trash. Worse than my grade school art. So I gave it up. Then tried again. Still trash but not quite as puke-worthy. Gave it up again. Third time was it! I’m so addicted. So thank you, thank you, thank you, Shannie!!

Artwork in this post is © Shannie D

Doodle art by Shannie D


Doodle art by Shannie D


Doodle art by Shannie D


Doodle art by Shannie D


Doodle art by Shannie D


Doodle art by Shannie D