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A couple months ago, I started putting my art to use, designing custom tattoos for people. I’ll be sharing these here and there because I think they’re fun. So many of them have special meaning to their owners.

The request for this custom tattoo design included:

  • sunny, breezy California poppies
  • two open flowers and one bud
  • big, fat bumble bees buzzing around
  • watercolor look

Here are the variations of the design I came up with.

2018-05-08 poppies bumble bees custom tattoo by Heidi Denney


Feel free to get in touch if you need a custom tattoo designed.


I’m both shocked and thrilled that my marker test was a success! No bleed-through at all. This book really is perfect now. Toothy paper perfect for colored pencils and thick enough that markers don’t bleed through. I mean, come on…

Available on Amazon!

Today is the last day to get it for $7.50.
Regular price $9.50.

weekly planner coloring book marker test front


Here’s the back side of that page. No bleed-through! Have I mentioned how excited I am about this?

weekly planner coloring book marker test back

As a variation on my Psycho doodle, I started this drawing with a few flowers joined by curves. Then I followed the same method of filling in lines as I demonstrate in this video.


I started this doodle with my new Pilot Parallel Pens, which were a gift from my husband. But I finished it off with my standard Sharpie Pen.

The girls helped me name it. This took some negotiating for them to think of something other than “Flowers.”


Thank goodness for my husband’s help with titling again. I had no idea what to name this. Kind of a weird one. I feel rusty.


Thank you, Patti, for the title. 🙂

Aiming for something a little Paisley inspired here mixed with some solid hard lines. It took me what felt like ages to finish but the point is to enjoy the process. Which I did. Immensely.



When I was in High School and for a long time after, my artistic tools included paper and pencil. That was my thing. So a few years ago when I started pen and ink, it nearly gave me an ulcer to create in such a permanent way.

It only took a few months for me to fall in love with that exact aspect of pen and ink! Let perfectionism go and just draw. If you mess up, rework your design. Deal with it.

Then there is the hard contrast of black and white. It’s so clean. So crisp. Organized. Unwavering. All things that define what I want now.

I fought mixing my new art with my old for… some reason. Like the pencil somehow dirtied my crisp, clean drawings.

At last, I gave in. And that old satisfying feeling of shading… Well it’s good to be home. BUT I still feel like the pencil dirties the pen and ink. I’m just not sure I can handle it yet.