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Busy Busy Bee Doodle

Posted: January 31, 2014 in Doodle Art
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No, there are no bees in this doodle drawing. It’s me that’s been the busy bee! We recently had a big business event which had been consuming all of my time. But it’s done now (and was a huge success!) So I give you another flower doodle. Because you can never have enough flower doodles.


Yay! My doodle bug has returned. It’s been like a month since I felt inspired to doodle. (Those recent posts were older drawings. Shhh) I’m happy to say I’m feeling it again. I hope you like this doodle sketch, named by my husband. 🙂


Also I just want to add… Sharpie has developed quite a reputation with this kind of art. I’ve been one of the “enablers” since, yes, I mostly use Sharpies to doodle. BUT I also use Fine point Bic Intensity pens too. So this is both Sharpie art AND Bic art. 😉 I feel better now.

Donut Cloud Doodle Art

Posted: January 18, 2014 in Doodle Art
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Every time I visit family and stay with our good friend, Shannie, my doodles take on her style. I love that! Cause her style is so different from mine and a welcome change. I’ve got some new doodle drawings from Shannie I’ll be sharing soon. Yay!


I had no plan to draw a dragon but after the first curl, it hit me. It might have also been that I’ve been working on a dragon tattoo for someone. So this turned out to be a great opportunity to practice some dragon scales. 🙂


Yay! I’m so excited. I’ve been nominated for the Best of Hartford Magazine 2014 Readers’ Poll as a local artist. If you’d like to support me by voting and you live in or around CT, I’d be oh so appreciative. You can find me under Local – Artist as Heidi Denney. You’ll  need to vote on at least 10 categories, which is why you kind of need to be local. (I give you permission to vote for me under Services – Photographer as Exclusive Image too. hee hee) Thank you so much!

I’ve been nominated as Best Local Artist!!

Just orbing. You know, swirling out some orbs. For all my lack of interest in outer space, I seem to be drawing a lot of outer spacey things lately.

I dedicate this doodle drawing toy husband who likes outer space just a little more than me. And I mean that literally, not sarcastically.

Okay I take it back. I dedicate this doodle drawing to my step-daughter, Sylaris. She definitely loves outer space. 😀