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I started off this doodle drawing with the dark circles. I knew I wanted them to be the base. Even so, I always have to remind myself to go dark! I think the inner child is hearing, “Stop wasting all that marker!” even though I never heard that once as a child. Haha

Anyway, I started the doodle with the dark circles and went from there. The background circles were purposely sketchy and uneven (for all of you out there who are always saying, “My hand is not steady enough.”)


Do you have a lot of black space in your drawings?

My latest doodle art drawing completed during a Pillars of the Earth marathon. 🙂


Why am I so drawn to flowers? Not sure. Probably because they’re all swirly and curly and stuff. Yay for curvy lines!

Mini Doodle Art

Posted: September 22, 2013 in Doodle Art
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One of my most valuable purchases ever was this mini sketch book. It fits in my tiny purse so I can draw anytime anywhere. Invaluable.


What do you sketch on most? When you’re out and about and just have to doodle, what will you grab? What is the most interesting material you’ve sketched on in desperation?

THIS… is the girl who got me started on doodling and I couldn’t thank her enough EVER! She’s been doodling for a while and I always admired not only her designs but her ability to find enjoyment in something so simple. At first, I colored her designs and that was fun. But then I finished coloring everything she had and wanted more. I tried to doodle myself but hated it. Not even joking. It was trash. Worse than my grade school art. So I gave it up. Then tried again. Still trash but not quite as puke-worthy. Gave it up again. Third time was it! I’m so addicted. So thank you, thank you, thank you, Shannie!!

Artwork in this post is © Shannie D

Doodle art by Shannie D


Doodle art by Shannie D


Doodle art by Shannie D


Doodle art by Shannie D


Doodle art by Shannie D


Doodle art by Shannie D

One of our photography clients asked me to doodle on her – the coolest thing a client has asked for EVER! We’ll be posting more images soon at

Doodle sharpie body art 1

Doodle sharpie body art 2

Yay! My mom has picked up doodling. And she’s so into American Indians so these are exactly her style. It’s always interesting how each doodler has such a unique style. Hands together for mom!

Artwork in this post is © Lou-Anne S





I’ve added this doodle to my society6 account. It’s now available as prints, device cases, shirts, hoodies, pillows and more. If you’re not ready to buy, show me some love and click the little heart (promote) next to the images you love. If I get enough attention, I could get featured in their store. Thanks!



Wow I finished this fast! My hubby says I should add color but 1) I don’t have any good color pens/markers and have searched a bit to find some without luck and 2) … color is a whole new game. So for now, here it is.