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The girls wanted to get in on the time-lapse video deal so I made these videos of them. Show them some love!

Kalam is 10 years old, loves to sing, draw and perform. I particularly like the freckles and the bold red background.


Sylaris is also 10 years old, loves to drum, draw and dance hip hop. I love the little “me” label and the fact that she penciled it our before finalizing in Sharpie.

I know it’s late in the day but I just noticed Zazzle is offering 15% off everything today! Use code ZSOCCERFUN4U. Here’s my store:



You begged so I acquiesced… [blush]

Please allow me to present to you my 40-design doodle art coloring book on heavy paper so markers won’t bleed through! I’m more than a little excited about seeing a bunch of my designs all put together like this. You will now see a permanent link in the navigation above so you can easily access the shopping cart. If you’d like to purchase higher quantities and save on shipping, please message me so I can work something out for you. Thank you in advance for your support!


Doodle Art Coloring Book

By Heidi Denney

34 pages, published 4/5/2014

Over 40 hand-drawn doodles to color. This is not just for kids! Adults find coloring therapeutic.
Available in print or as a digital download.


Doodle art coloring book for adults sharpie art

I started off this doodle drawing with the dark circles. I knew I wanted them to be the base. Even so, I always have to remind myself to go dark! I think the inner child is hearing, “Stop wasting all that marker!” even though I never heard that once as a child. Haha

Anyway, I started the doodle with the dark circles and went from there. The background circles were purposely sketchy and uneven (for all of you out there who are always saying, “My hand is not steady enough.”)


Do you have a lot of black space in your drawings?

One of our photography clients asked me to doodle on her – the coolest thing a client has asked for EVER! We’ll be posting more images soon at

Doodle sharpie body art 1

Doodle sharpie body art 2

I’ve added this doodle to my society6 account. It’s now available as prints, device cases, shirts, hoodies, pillows and more. If you’re not ready to buy, show me some love and click the little heart (promote) next to the images you love. If I get enough attention, I could get featured in their store. Thanks!

I’ve had a little obsession with time-lapse photography for quite a while now but it had fizzled out when I had no practical use for it. I just tried it out again while drawing one of my doodles and… my obsession is burning strong again! I can no longer draw without a camera over my shoulder. haha However, I will work on better lighting. Our living room has one lamp. Bleh. And without getting all official and stuff with a desk (which would make this very much like work instead of play), I’ll work the best I can with what I’ve got. Enjoy!

Doodle art pattern illustration black and white