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Sitting around chatting with my parents and friend who are visiting from out of state for the weekend. Love my family. They need to move in. 🙂


Here are some progress shots:




Back to my family now! Xoxo

Unemployment sucks. Let’s take advantage of it by doodling our brains out.

time-lapse doodle art

Insane 3D Doodle Pen

Posted: April 30, 2014 in Links
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I have no words.


I always hear, “I love to doodle but I’m just not good at it. I never know what to draw.” I have come up with a solution! May I present (duh duh DAH!) Doodle Prompts. Give it a try (for real) and let me know if it helps you at all.

Start by watching this time-lapse video to get a better feel for the process. Watch how I skip around the page a bunch. This is because I will be doodling along and feel that a particular area needs some solid black. Then I’ll notice that I haven’t used a certain element in another area and I’ll go add some of that. Sometimes, I’ll pause to look at it, even squinting my eyes, to see if it feels balanced. Don’t get caught up in tiny details. Every now and then, throw in something big and then work tiny details in around it.

Then use these tutorials to get the basic elements down. (You have my permission to print the following two images/pages. Just click on them to go full size. Then print.)

Doodle art drawing prompt elements by Heidi Denney

Use this starter page to get you going. Once you’ve tried it using this prompt, start a fresh drawing on nice paper.

Doodle art drawing prompt starter page by Heidi Denney

Here’s how my doodle turned out. 🙂 

Doodle drawing sharpie art VisceraPhantasma by Heidi Denney

I really want to see your drawings from this doodle prompt. Message me with a picture of your final work. heidimarie.artist [@] gmail [com] I’d like to create a post in a few weeks with all your drawings but if you’d rather I don’t share yours, just let me know. If this was helpful to you, leave me a comment. If you have any suggestions, leave me a comment.

Now doodle!

And here is the final beta fish doodle art drawing…

Fighter doodle art sharpie art drawing beta fish

I’ve considered trying more illustration type drawings but then it’s kind of a different art. I mean, it IS art. Doodling is just for fun and sometimes comes out pretty. Do you put recognizable art in the same category as abstract doodle art?

Doodling by the… Heater

Posted: October 10, 2013 in Progress
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It’s cold out! Well it is for me anyway. In fact, it was last month. So after a 12-hour day of work, I’m therapy-ing with my doodle pad and infrared heater. Who’s with me?


Simplicity rules! I’m liking my latest doodle with its retro feel. Anyone else? Do you prefer my intricate designs or ones with lots of white space like this one?