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As you know, the artwork on this site is copyrighted, which means the only person who has the right to decide if the art should be copied (in print or digital format) is me. For this piece, I give you permission to print it, share it, and finish it with your own doodles. Have fun!

Metallic doodle art by Heidi Denney



This drawing can be found on Amazon ($9.95):

Adult coloring book


Let’s create this Soil and Stars doodle art.

Soil and Stars doodle art prompt tutorial by Heidi Denney


Soil and stars doodle art prompt tutorial steps 1 and 2


3. Use the Box Fill pattern between the curved lines.

Box Fill doodle art tutorial by heidi denney


4. Below the curve, use Psycho Lines. Watch the tutorial here:


5. Add Peacock Plants to the top of the curve.

Peacock Plant doodle art tutorial Heidi Denney


6. Draw an odd number of stars in the sky. Watch me draw stars here:

(Note: An odd number of items is typically more visually appealing than an even number of items.)

Share Your Results

You can share them with me on Facebook or contact me for my email address. If I get a handful, I’ll share them in a post on this blog.

Pin Away!

Feel free to pin any one of the parts of this post. Or get the entire prompt in one image here:

Yay! A new doodle prompt. My last doodle prompt, Viscera Phantasma, has been a huge hit and is flying around Pinterest. Finally, I have taken the time (lots and lots and LOTS of time) to put together another one for you. And you better share your final doodles with me this time! Email them to me at heidimarie.artist at gmail. Thank you ever so much!

Feel free to share these pieces or the entire prompt in one image as seen here on Pinterest.

So… to create a doodle like this…

Floral Freak doodle prompt by Heidi Denney

Start with 3 flowers and then fill…

Floral Freak doodle prompt by Heidi Denney

Using these elements…

Flower Tutorial doodle by Heidi Denney

Daisy Tutorial doodle by Heidi Denney

Leaf Tutorial doodle by Heidi Denney

Retro Leaf Tutorial by Heidi Denney

Rock Stack Tutorial by Heidi Denney

Sleak Leaf Tutorial by Heidi Denney


Circle Fill Tutorial doodle by Heidi Denney


Hash Fill doodle by Heidi Denney

Now get doodling! No excuses.

I always hear, “I love to doodle but I’m just not good at it. I never know what to draw.” I have come up with a solution! May I present (duh duh DAH!) Doodle Prompts. Give it a try (for real) and let me know if it helps you at all.

Start by watching this time-lapse video to get a better feel for the process. Watch how I skip around the page a bunch. This is because I will be doodling along and feel that a particular area needs some solid black. Then I’ll notice that I haven’t used a certain element in another area and I’ll go add some of that. Sometimes, I’ll pause to look at it, even squinting my eyes, to see if it feels balanced. Don’t get caught up in tiny details. Every now and then, throw in something big and then work tiny details in around it.

Then use these tutorials to get the basic elements down. (You have my permission to print the following two images/pages. Just click on them to go full size. Then print.)

Doodle art drawing prompt elements by Heidi Denney

Use this starter page to get you going. Once you’ve tried it using this prompt, start a fresh drawing on nice paper.

Doodle art drawing prompt starter page by Heidi Denney

Here’s how my doodle turned out. 🙂 

Doodle drawing sharpie art VisceraPhantasma by Heidi Denney

I really want to see your drawings from this doodle prompt. Message me with a picture of your final work. heidimarie.artist [@] gmail [com] I’d like to create a post in a few weeks with all your drawings but if you’d rather I don’t share yours, just let me know. If this was helpful to you, leave me a comment. If you have any suggestions, leave me a comment.

Now doodle!