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Insane 3D Doodle Pen

Posted: April 30, 2014 in Links
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I have no words.


Yay! I’m so excited. I’ve been nominated for the Best of Hartford Magazine 2014 Readers’ Poll as a local artist. If you’d like to support me by voting and you live in or around CT, I’d be oh so appreciative. You can find me under Local – Artist as Heidi Denney. You’ll  need to vote on at least 10 categories, which is why you kind of need to be local. (I give you permission to vote for me under Services – Photographer as Exclusive Image too. hee hee) Thank you so much!

I’ve been nominated as Best Local Artist!!

Drawing Pad Recommendation

Posted: December 22, 2013 in Links
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Do you love super smooth paper for doodling? Me too. So help me … if my pen catches on the paper, I want to burn the whole pad.

I also love finding new shapes of drawing pads, like square or tall and narrow. Unfortunately, before today, the only ones I found were bound in shrink wrap so I couldn’t feel the paper. Just not gonna buy it if I can’t test its smoothness.

Well today I found the perfect drawing pads!

Pen to Paper Writing Supplies is apparently the brand to go with. I found these – a 7″x7″ and a 4.5″x6.76″ – at Books-A-Million.

I don’t have a Books-A-Million in my home state so I stocked up. But now that I know (and now that you know) I’d feel comfortable buying more of these online. Happy shopping!

Just for fun… check out this article I found: What Your Doodles Really Say About You It’s an interesting article not only because it’s about doodling but because it connects your innermost thoughts to it. And I love psychology! Whether you take these interpretations seriously or not, I think you’ll find it entertaining… like taking those magazine quizzes to see how cool you are. 😉

In the spirit of “most commonly drawn” items… here’s one of my florals (and yes, I am an amiable family-centered person.)

Doodle art floral drawing with a sharpie pen

Now go read the article. Then tell me what you find you draw most often and if the article accurate.