Weak In The Knees Doodle Drawing

Posted: December 17, 2013 in Doodle Art
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Here’s a simple idea for you! Start with controlled loops. (I always say controlled because despite how loose and free the lines look in doodle art, they should mostly be drawn with thought and purpose.) Make the loops close on the skinny ends. Trace inside the original loops at different widths from the original but the same from loop to loop. (I’m gonna start singing Shirley Temple songs now. Dork alert!) Then fill with patterns.

Weak in the knees doodle art (c) Heidi Denney.jpg
Try it and, as always, feel free to send me some of your drawings.

I’ll likely come back to these easy loops and try some variations. So watch for it! And, dare I say and have you hold me to it… I’d love to start incorporating faces. I used to draw portraits in pencil. But that was a long time ago and this is a strange new medium. We’ll see.

  1. It makes me think of swirled ice cream. Cute.

  2. Betsy says:

    I love this! The swirls are perfectly swirly. LOL

  3. 1469wn says:

    Love your Doodle! You are right, it looks loose and relaxed, but it is totally controlled. Very nice!

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